Sacred Circle Yoga
Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


This is a dynamic practice linking poses with the breath.  We will work up to a peak pose in each class.  This class is all about movement to increase strength, balance and flexibility.  Beginners should be able to follow along.  There will be some repetition with the flows.


Our focus in this class is on rejuvenating ligaments, bones, connective tissue and the central nervous system.  This is a very gentle yet effective class.  Poses are held for about 3-5 minutes which can develop a greater understanding of strength in stillness.  You will find time flying by as you relax into yourself….letting go and reaping the benefits of yin energy.

Slow Flow

Our guided slow flows marry postures with mindful breathing in a slow but deliberate way.   This practice not only strengthens and stretches the body but quiets the mind and opens the soul to a joyful experience.

Restorative Yoga

This class is what I like to call a time-out for adults. It is all about stress reduction through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.  Relaxation with awareness will awaken your inner zen.  Please bring a blanket or bolster with you.

Intro to Yoga

Think of this class as a small sampling of the different yoga styles.  We will learn and practice during this informal session. We will also talk a little bit about the philosophy of yoga.


**Bridal party and private yoga available upon request**